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Dirt Resistant


Our tiles are built for living, designed to withstand the wear and tear that comes with a busy household or a high-traffic public space.



We strive to provide consumers with one of the widest ranges of tiles available, offering many variations in colour, material, size, design, and application.



Ceramic materials are famed for their durability, and our manufacturing processes are designed to improve this quality even further. The high temperature of our firings makes our ceramic tiles extremely strong and impervious to penetration by liquids, dirt and staining agents, giving them a marked advantage over natural materials like wood and stone.



Our tiles contain no harmful chemicals or Volatile Organic Compounds, making them safe for any domestic or commercial setting. This is particularly effective in maintaining high levels of hygiene and preventing the formation of mould in rooms with high levels of humidity. Certain Johnson Tile ranges also include textured options for added slip resistance in wet and outdoor areas.