Tile and Grout Calculator

Use the tile and grout calculators to make working out the required amount of tiles, grouts and adhesives easier.

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This calculator should be used as a guide only. For a more exact figure, you should consult a professional tiler to measure the area. Although we do our best to ensure that our online tools are of a high standard, Johnson Tiles do not accept any responsibility for inaccurate results by this calculator.


Johnson recommends adding 10% for tiling wastage, grout and adhesive. 

Some tiles may be damaged during fixing, or need to be cut to a specific size. It is also recommended to keep spare tiles in case of future damage.

Not all wall surfaces are even so extra grout and adhesive may be required.

Tile Calculator

Use this calculator to work out how many tiles or paving slabs (square or rectangular!) you will need for a project.
NOTE: Variables such as grouting width, cuts and spacers have been ignored in this calculation.

Grout Calculator




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