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JOHNSON TILES has a proud history and can boast a number of South African fi rsts as part of its track record in tile manufacturing. It is one of only two tile manufactures in South Africa and started production
in 1952.

As part of H&R Johnson Ceramics International, a major tile manufacturer with businesses in the United Kingdom, Australia, Greece and India, JOHNSON TILES manufactures and imports wall and floor tiles. Its floor tile plants in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng are state of-the-art and produce glazed ceramic and glazed porcelaintiles to world standards.


JOHNSON TILES is the fi rst and only manufacturer of glazed porcelain tiles in South Africa. Historically,
porcelain tiles were imported because the technology and skills did not exist in South Africa until it was
developed by JOHNSON TILES, hence the company has great pride in this locally developed product.

The Forte glazed porcelain range – Forte River Sand and Forte Beach Sand – are one of three ranges, which
include the only PEI 5 (Porcelain Enamel Institute) tiles to be manufactured locally, and this is another first for
JOHNSON TILES. The tile’s rating means that it has the highest abrasion resistance rating measurable. Another
characteristic of the Forte range is its slip-resistant properties, making it ideal for not only very high
traffic areas, but also areas that may become wet, such as exposed mall walkways, patios and swimming pool
surroundings. The other ranges including PEI 5 tiles are Granito and Module, both of which are glazed
porcelains developed for the contracts market.

JOHNSON TILES products conform to and exceed
European Union standards. For more information on
contact 011 316 3133.

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