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Floor Tiles

Capri beigeCapri Coralcoimbra-champange

When selecting floor tiles be sure to consider the amount of traffic the area will receive first. This is especially important when selecting glazed floor tiles, like the glazed ceramic or glazed porcelain tiles on offer from Johnson Tiles. Some floor tiles may only be suitable for residential bathrooms while others may be suitable for busier areas like kitchens, shopping malls or even airport terminals. Read more

Wall Tiles


Unlike floor tiles, when it comes to selecting wall tiles there are very few restrictions that apply.  However, if selecting wall tiles for exterior walls to use as cladding, low water absorption and frost resistance are essential considerations. Read more

Ceramic Tiles

ARCTIC WHITE AC-626 330x330.jpgVilla.jpgGN-553 Charcoal 330x330 small.jpg

Since 1952 Johnson Tiles has produced top quality glazed ceramic tiles in South Africa. Whilst our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces floor tiles to exacting international and local quality standards, selecting the most suitable ceramic tile for your installation is still important to ensure that your tiles provide you with a lifetime of beauty and satisfaction. Read more

Porcelain Tiles

Module MU105 pale olive 400x400.jpgModule MU106 dove 400x400.jpgModule MU107 flagstone 400x400.jpg

Throughout the years, Johnson Tiles in South Africa has consistently invested in the latest tile making technology, resulting in top quality glazed porcelain tiles. Due to this recognition, Johnson Tiles has become the industry leader through innovation and consistently advances the range of tile options to its customers. Read more

Kitchen Tiles

Colorado dust CD-759 stone.jpgGN-553 Charcoal 330x330 small.jpgGN015 granito light tan 400x400.jpg

When it comes to kitchen tiles, Johnson Tiles have the ultimate selection for you. Kitchens are the heart of a home, a happy place where families cook together, eat together, and spend time together.  Added to this, we all know that a kitchen is what really sells a home, which is why we think that much time, love and care should be taken when decorating it. Read more

Bathroom Tiles

NL 617 Charcoal 330 small.jpgTuscan Sandum660 umbria burnt sienna 3.jpg

At Johnson Tiles you will find a wide variety of glazed ceramic and glazed porcelain bathroom tiles that are perfectly suited to enhance the look of your bathroom.  The depth of our range provides a variety of colours and patterns to ensure that no matter the look you are trying to achieve, our tiles will make decorating your bathroom easy. Read more

Outdoor Tiles

Horizons HZ 769 Champagne.jpgKU-812 Kuhle terra 500x500.jpgMC 580 Maraschino

South Africans love spending time outdoors, and why wouldn’t we?  We have the best weather in the world.  Using outdoor tiles for patios is both a practical and an aesthetically pleasing choice. Read more

Inkjet Tiles

Horizons HZ 769 Champagne.jpgKU-812 Kuhle terra 500x500.jpgMC 580 Maraschino

Johnson Tiles South Africa is also able to produce Inkjet Tiles, thus enabling us to offer you a wide variety of fashionable high-quality tiles in a multitude of photo-realistic designs.  Read more


Johnson Tiles has a factory shop which is open to the public. In this shop, we stock a limited variety of discontinued and mixed 1st grade tiles and 2nd grade tiles at bargain prices!

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