Glistening coastlines; sprawling, immutable sand dunes; indestructible rocky outcrops; vivid jungle canopies; and skyscrapers that reach for the clouds – the world is a seemingly infinite tapestry of colours, shapes, shades and textures. At Johnson Tiles, we use these wonders of the world as a catalyst for our creations. 

Our digitally designed ceramic tiles recreate these creative visions, while remaining dirt-resistant, versatile, durable and safe. 

Elevate your interiors with this sophisticated yet minimalist all-white collection, which takes its cues from the clean lines of contemporary European living. 

Introduce Mother Nature into your home with this beautiful, affordable range of wood-look tiles, inspired by the subtle shades of bark-wrapped trees. 

Each tile in this collection is as unique as the natural stone – its many shades, tones and textures –  found in Africa’s most impressive peaks and rugged, rocky landscapes. 

Bring the warmth associated with sun-baked sand dunes and sun-bleached sand indoors with this collection of subtle earth tones and colour palettes. 

Recreate the look and feel of some of the world’s most iconic urban areas in your home, to strike a balance between form and function. A collection that’s clean, progressive and built to last.